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Sushi & Japanese  Restaurant

It was in 1971, Shoichi Imanaka, an aspiring chef from Osaka, Japan, arrived in San Francisco and soon after he founded Tsuruyoshi #2 with his brother. It set the foundation to open Kushi Tsuru restaurant in Japantown in 1978 and became an instant success. In 1982, the Imanaka family opened Isobune® Sushi, which introduced the "Original Sushi Boat Restaurant®" in the US.  

Under the stewardship of Nanako Coates, daughter of Shoichi Imanaka, Isobune® continues to thrive in Japantown. It was Shoichi Imanaka's desire to see a Japanese restaurant open and serve the citizens of Concord the refined taste and flavors of Japanese cuisine, but unfortunately he was unable to see it to fruition. Nanako Coates opened up Minamoto Restaurant in 2013 in honor of his wishes and now serves the citizens of Concord the traditional flavors of Japanese cooking. 

In the summer of 2014, Minamoto suffered a small fire which caused it to be closed down for two months. However, it reopened to guests in September 2014, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, and is thriving under new management. 

With Paul (Tanaka) Tran as head chef in the kitchen, the traditional flavors and taste of Japanese food is prevalent as is the presentation and quality. Combined the chefs have over 35 years of experience in the industry and give extra care and attention to each plate that comes out to guests. Through the leadership of the head chefs, the restaurant strives to deliver the food Shoichi Imanaka would serve himself. It is through the food that Shoichi Imanaka's legacy lives on.

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